Turkey’s assistance to Palestine has well exceeded 370 million US dollars since 2004.

Turkish Cooperation and Coordination Agency-TIKA implemented 349 projects in Palestine since Turkey inaugurated the Palestine Coordination Program Office in 2005. The agency implemented 173 projects in West Bank, 113 projects in Gaza and 63 projects in Jerusalem, creating much needed educational and emergency facilities in the area.

Out of the total projects, TIKA carried out 78 social infrastructure, 64 administrative infrastructure, 52 education, 46 emergency, 38 health, 25 production sector, and 25 water and sanitation projects as well as 21 restoration projects for joint historical and cultural monuments.

In 2014, Turkey provided a total assistance of 76.3 million US dollars to Palestine, 59.2 million US Dollars of which constituted official assistance (34.7 million US dollars for public development assistance, 24.5 million US dollars for emergency assistance) while the remaining 17.1 million US Dollars consisted of non-governmental assistance (9.4 million US dollars of which constituted the assistance provided by NGOs, and 7.7 million US dollars for emergency assistance).

In this context, Turkey’s humanitarian and development-oriented assistance to Gaza also continues uninterrupted. During the "Conference on Palestine, Reconstructing Gaza" held in Cairo on 12 October 2014 Turkey pledged to provide 200 million US dollars of assistance to cover the years 2015-2017 to relieve the immense destruction caused by the last Israeli attacks on Gaza.

The total amount of our completed, ongoing and planned projects by TIKA in Gaza is 41,6 million US dollars for the year 2015. Furthermore, an assistance of 34 million US dollars has been assigned for projects through Prime Ministry Disaster and Emergency Management Authority-AFAD and the Turkish Red Crescent for 2015. In this context, the total amount of the assistance realized and planned for Gaza by Turkey in 2015 has reached 75.6 million US dollars.

There are two major projects carried out by TIKA in Gaza at the present. The construction of Turkey-Palestine Friendship Hospital which has 150 beds capacity is completed. Currently tender process of the medical equipment and furniture for the hospital continues. TIKA also started the construction of 320 housing units for the Palestinians affected by Israel’s 2014 military offensive against the Gaza Strip.

In addition to this aid, TIKA, AFAD and Turkish Red Crescent continue to carry out their humanitarian aid efforts and projects in various fields, particularly health, technical assistance, safeguarding of cultural heritage, supply of water, construction of schools and scholarships for Palestine.


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